After 13 years of practicing as an attorney, Igor Dlacic opened his own legal practice - Law office Igor Dlacic, which he established in 2013. The law office has tight cooperation with:

Attorney at law Stefan Stefanek and his associates, sharing the business support and same premises at the same business address.

Attorney at law Monika Tapalovic and her team members, from Munich working jointly on numerous cases concerning mostly corporate and real property issues with German / Austrian clients.

Attorney Igor Dlacic is member of Croatian Bar Association and active member of German - Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Kroatien). Attorney Igor Dlacic is also cooperating with numerous colleagues and partners across region.

Attorney Igor Dlacic is supported locally by 4 other team members, namely:

Štefan Štefanek, independent attorney at law, patent agent and conciliator, also court interpreter for Slovenian language;

All team members are fluent in English. Attorney Igor Dlacic provides legal support and counselling in German.