Real properties

The attorney has extensive legal experience in real property and project development matters, including issues concerning real property rights, land registry procedures as well as other administrative procedures before state bodies with respect to any status of real estate.

The experience includes:
- Drafting preliminary and final sale and purchase contracts, lease or rent contracts, personal or real servitudes, lifelong support contracts or other inheritance agreements, dissolution of co-ownership, security agreements, mortgage contracts all with relevant land book registration;
- Undertaking complex land registry procedures, including land registry correction procedures;
- Procedure on establishment of apartment units, agreement on dissolution of co-ownership and agreements on establishment of apartment units;
- Legalization procedures, cooperation with architects and geometers;
- Undertaking complex due diligence procedure of construction land, buildings, towers, houses, weekend houses, hotels and alike;
- Representing and counseling the representatives of co-owners;
- Real estate/property tax and exemptions;
- Return of nationalized property / real properties,
- Legal advice with regard to the real property purchase in procedure of public tender or court sale;