Intellectual property (IP Law)

For more than 15 years the attorney Igor Dlacic is intensively involved in a broad range of IP matters and has gained extensive international experience.
The provision of legal services includes mostly trademark and design matters, but also validation of EU patents.

The attorney represents before The State Intellectual Property Office of The Republic of Croatia, and has developed a close cooperation with foreign Patent Attorneys regarding the application of European and international trademarks. The attorney advises clients in respect to all copyright issues.

Legal assistance includes:
- Online IP Database search and similarity search;
- Application or the registration of the national, European and international trademark;
- Application filing priority;
- Opposition procedure;
- Entry of changes;
- Transfer of rights;
- License;
- Renewal of the registration of a trademark;
- Revocation of a trademark;
- Declaration that the trademark is invalid;
- Protection of trademarks under the Madrid agreement concerning the international registration of
- Validation of EU patent
- Protection of copyright and copyright transactions;
- Court action concerning the infringement of rights - establishment of the existence of the infringement of a
trademark, prohibition of the committed or intended infringement of a trademark, compensation for damage,
provisional measures etc.