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All information provided on this website is of informative nature and is not legally binding. The published articles relating to the protection of personal data or other legal issues published under the e-data log button represent a legal opinion regarding particular legal content. The attorney undertakes every effort to make the content of the website accurate and informative and keeps the website content free of viruses and other threats. For this sake, the attorney undertakes all reasonable safety and technical measures.

Attorney Igor Dlacic from Zagreb, Ilica 191D acts in capacity of data controller. The position of attorney represents the professional self-employment status regulated by the Attorneys Act and other applicable regulations at the national and European level. Translations of the term odvjetnik (attorney / Rechtsanwalt) in other languages are of informative nature, and do not imply that the attorney is registered with any other attorney chamber except with the Croatian Bar Association.

Personal data are processed solely by the Attorney in the Attorney office, or by the Court interpreter in Office of court interpreter for German and English. Same personal data are also processed in the same office by associates or partners within existing business cooperation. The Attorney cooperates also with other attorneys and / or attorney’s associates, empowered either by the client or by the same Attorney for provision of legal services in accordance with Article 8 of the Attorneys Act, which, depending on the context of the business cooperation, represent the recipients, third parties or sometimes only the data processors.

Attorney collects only necessary personal data for the purpose of providing legal services and assistance and maintaining the client – attorney relationship, all in order to comply with any applicable legal regulations. Among others, the attorney keeps records of the personal data collected for the purpose of compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act.

The Attorney collects the personal data relating to identification and contact information of the client mostly for purpose of conducting regular business cooperation. All other personal data collected for the purpose of providing legal services are also subject to attorney secrecy pursuant to Article 13 of the Attorneys Act, and their categories and types are therefore not specified in this data protection policy.

Upon termination of the respective relationship with the client, the Attorney might not be in the position to delete or destroy all your personal data, given the special regulations regarding the proceedings and compliance in accordance with the Attorneys Act. After the termination of the relationship with the client, the attorney shall return, upon submitting the request, all documents to the client and shall delete all personal data not necessary for maintaining of the record of clients and counterparties or for any other keeping of any and all necessary records. The Attorney is obliged to archive the files of the client for at least 10 years upon final completion of the court procedure.

Your data are most often stored in digital form and are also held in the form of a document. The Attorney does not transfer your personal data to other persons or data processors outside the law office, nor use these in any way whatsoever without explicitly informing you of such use, or without giving you the opportunity to give or deny adequate consent. The exception represents the representation before the courts or other authorities, fulfilment of legal obligation for the purpose of keeping the financial and tax records up to date and organized, in which case the certain personal data is transferred to the courts, other authorities, accountant and/or other persons concerned.

The attorney does not process your personal data for marketing, profiling or classification purposes, nor shall use your personal data for any other commercial purpose whatsoever. According to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, the attorney is not obliged to undertake data protection impact assessment.

The Attorney shall be liable for the actions undertaken in provision of legal services in accordance with the applicable law on legal representation in the attorney office. The Attorney shall not be liable for any procedure success or a particular legal transaction, but shall be obliged to protect the interests of the client best to his knowledge and experience. The Attorney shall not be liable for the economic benefit or business risk that may arise from provision of legal services provided to the client. The client is obliged to inform the Attorney fully and accurately about all the factual circumstances necessary for the provision of legal services. The attorney shall not be liable for any damage or outcome that arise upon information or circumstances left undisclosed to the Attorney. In any case the liability of the Attorney shall be restricted to the amount of fees charged by the Attorney and paid by the client for the period of last three years. However, the limitation of liability shall not exceed the maximum amount for which the Attorney is mandatory insured regarding the professional liability pursuant to Article 44 of the Attorneys Acts.

You may learn more about data protection by checking the content under e-data log.

Should you request to review, as well of update, correct, delete, or transfer any of your personal data, you may contact attorney for further assistance. Also, if you have any other queries regarding to personal data processing please contact us in writing to the attorney's e-mail address:


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