Curriculum vitae

Igor Dlačić was born in 1975 in Zagreb where he completed his regular school education. Igor graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2001.

His legal career started in Strasbourg at The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe where he obtained a special recommendation for work undertaken.

In 2001 Igor Dlačić entered into his first employment as an attorney associate at the Law Firm Vedris & Partners in Zagreb, staying on after passing the bar exam as an attorney at law. In his work, he focused on the provision of legal services to international clients & corporations, with extensive use of foreign languages. Nevertheless, the attorney continues to work with individual clients as well, thus widening own legal expertise and insight.

Attorney Igor Dlačić has specialized in IP law and in 2004 he had a hospitation program at the Patent Firm von Füner, Ebbinghaus, Finck und Hano in Munich where he gained also extra knowledge.

In 2006 Igor Dlačić became a partner in the Law Firm Vedris & Patners where he worked until September 2013, after which he decided to continue as an independent law practice professional in his own Law office.

Attorney Igor Dlačić takes part in numerous legal conferences and education courses focusing on real property law, intellectual property, distribution & franchising (International Distribution Institute) protection of personal data/privacy matters and “new” technologies law.

The Attorney Igor Dlačić is permanent sworn in Court interpreter for German language, he is also fluent in English (C2) and has a basic knowledge of French (B2).

The Attorney has established close and well-advanced cooperation with Law Office Tapalovic Munich, thus also providing respective clients an adequate level of protection in German-speaking jurisdictions.

The Attorney has also developed international cooperation in IP matters and cooperates with distinguished European offices specialized in IP law.

The attorney provides legal assistance and counseling also in German and in English, both written or orally. (All legal opinions and information provided over the telephone are not binding unless confirmed in writing.)